Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Holidays

The kids are onto their second week of school holidays.... they have been to see How To Train Your Dragon, attended a dress up party, started setting up our fish tank, had a sleepover, and tonight we are going to the drive-in to see Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang....

Then of course.... there's what the dogs have been up to....
Our Chynna girl and her friends next door have been so determined to play with each other, they broke a paling in half, then pushed it out....  which gave them - not quite enough space to get thru!

While that paling has been replaced, the girls are now working on others...


  1. OMG that is sooooo cute Gill!!! shame you had to replace that paling after all of their hard work & effort! hope you & the kids enjoy the rest of the hols. Hugs Clare xxx

  2. Oh my, sorry Gill, but I've had a good giggle at this. Great photos, glad you captured them. Sigh, reminds me of when we first had our old Doggie, he and his girlfriend next door did almost the same thing LOL. I'm seeing you Saturday arvo aren't I, ooh baking a cake for afternoon tea, yeah!! Good to see you've been having a good time with the chillybeans at home. x x