Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love you Cherry

Its been 21 years since my beautiful mum physically left this world. There are days I miss her so much.
Its horrible that the anniversary is this time of year - everyone starting to get into the festive spirit and talking about being with family... but I know that she is still here with us - especially through the carrying on of her festive traditions - like  Santa still bringing the adults a Darrell Lea Christmas Pudding - and its great to see the kids enjoying her traditions too


  1. I do feel for you little Owl at this time...I do surely mum loved Christmas with a passion, & was so ill the last one in 2002...that she really missed it & then died just after....

    But because she did love Christmas, my DD & I really feel her near us now.

    Love Deb xx

  2. Gorgeous LO's Gill. I can only imagine how much you miss your Mum, it's lovely to hear that her traditions have been continued though.


  3. Hey Gill

    I hear you darl. My own Mum's last Christmas she was so ill and left us only a couple of weeks afterwards. This is our 3rd without her but we love Christmas as it reminds us of her so much. I'm glad I put my decorations and tree up when I did. Big hugs. x x x

  4. Your LO's are beautiful. We love those little puddings in our family too!
    Come and be a Follower on my Blog too!!.....

    Luv Shelee :)

  5. Love your LO's ... Hey I saw something that may interest ya today while I was blog-hopping ... Some lil Owl Felt Ornaments ;o) Hopefully the link gets you there :) They look cute!