Friday, December 18, 2009

Growing Up....

Today my little man finished pre-school.  He has been so keen to get on to 'big school' for over a year now, but the realisation that he would be leaving all his friends and teachers hit home today.  He spent most of the day in a very emotional state - not helped by his favourite teacher, who was in tears yesterday, and worse today.  Here they are having one last hug.....

Miss Milly gave Aiden the bear he his holding, and he has named it Teddy Milly after her.  Apparently, its a magic bear, so that whenever Aiden is missing Miss Milly, he can give Teddy Milly a hug, and Miss Milly will feel it. These two have shared a wonderful bond over the last two years, and it is so sad to be saying goodbye.


  1. Oh this is gorgeous Gill. I remember that feeling having to leave - I cried and cried myself.

    Luv Sandie

  2. Oh gill that is precious.....
    Luv marg xxx